April 22, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day With Our Eco-Friendly Scarves



We proudly source our eco-friendly scarves from the Aranya Naturals project at the Srishti Welfare Centre, located in Munnar, a widely known tea-growing region of India. Each scarf is hand-dyed using exclusively natural dyes which are either plant-based or made from repurposed materials such as discarded tea leaves.

The Aranya Naturals project aims to preserve a natural balance with the environment, using an eco-friendly process to create azo-free dyes and fabrics. For over 20 years, Aranya Naturals has provided sustainable livelihoods for differently abled artisans, training them in techniques to produce gorgeous textiles that are not only environmentally conscious, but also of the highest quality.

Today, and every day, we celebrate the importance of reducing our ecological footprint. We hope you will join us! Shop our eco-friendly scarves here http://easternpass.com/collections/eco-friendly-scarves

March 25, 2016

Happy Spring from Eastern Pass!

We're getting pretty excited about spring around here. Known as the Festival of Colors in India, the Holi festival marks the beginning of spring and is the most colorful day of the year. Participants gather together to sing, dance, share delicious food and most notably, to throw brightly colored powders and colored water at each other. You can celebrate the joy of Holi year-round with our Festival of Colors throw! To share in the excitement, we're offering 20% off all orders through 3/31. Use the code HAPPYSPRING at check-out.

December 04, 2015

5 Tips for a Great Party

A lot of folks find it overwhelming to entertain guests. My daughter finds it exhausting to plan a get together for friends and thinks it's "the hardest thing ever, Mom." She worries about everything, from how to decorate, what to serve, where everyone will sit in her apartment, the list goes on and on. But planning a party shouldn't be hard! The rules for planning parties are keep it simple and don't overdo it! The idea is to enjoy and make sure everybody is having a good time; whoever says they went to a "perfect" party? But we all remember the FUN parties!

A few more tips to easy entertaining are as follows:
1. Your home is beautiful, small touches using color and texture to accessorize what's already there will make the place look great and make going back to normal the next day a cinch! Some fresh flowers in a vase always adds a touch of flora to the mix of fauna you will have over. 

2. Have an area off to the side for a drinks set up - glasses, ice bucket (a pot will do), wine/beer, vodka/whiskey unless it's a theme party, soft drinks and a mocktail option. Keep bulky extra beer and wine nearby, but away from the setup. Remember, sparkling water or club soda can change and freshen up any drink.

3. Set up hor d'oeuvres in the hangout area and bring in some easy-to-prepare or store bought goodies (Trader Joe's anyone?) -  good cheeses and fruits pairings, olives, nuts dips and bread (crostini!). if you are doing a dinner party, forget that, and have everyone bring something with them! 

Make simple tea sandwiches or a deconstructed salad. 

4. Use your dishwashable, if you have a dishwasher, or disposable plates and cutlery, some of which can be re-used, to make cleaning up that much easier. 

5. Get a friend or significant other to set up the playlist and make sure to use your veto power once they are done. Or find one you like on youtube and save it for later. Unless you're hosting a dance party, music should be audible but soft so people don't need to yell to have a conversation. 

Voila, we're ready to celebrate an evening at home with friends! No one cares if you didn't serve a home cooked meal but they will appreciate that you took the time to arrange for them to get together, which is what really matters. Now, take the time to send that evite and have some friends over this holiday season!


Fall into September with Luxurious Scarves and Cozy Throws

September has rolled around once again, bringing with it the promise of changing leaves and crisp days to come. Here at Eastern Pass we've been busy preparing for the fall and are very excited to introduce our new line of scarves! From the lightest silks for a walk in the park on a sunny day, to the warmest wools as the nights get colder, our diverse line will add a special something to any occasion.


We are especially pleased to introduce the Shibori collection, which combines intricate Japanese designs with Batik dyeing, a textile art developed in Indonesia and refined in India.  Our Shibori scarves are made of 100% pure silk and are made using all natural dyes made out of recycled tea leaves, madder root, pomegranate, marigold, indigo and turmeric.



While a soft scarf will keep out autumn's chill while out and about, we have also added a new line of throws to our collection for those cozy nights at home.  Our new line of Kantha throws are made using an age-old embroidery technique developed by rural women in the Eastern Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. These Kantha Throws are made of 100% pure cotton or silk cotton and are hand-stitched, creating a subtle texture.


From our home to yours, wishing everyone a wonderful autumn!