Eastern Pass, for me, is about bringing something uniquely "Eastern" into the most important place in the world: your home.


Our home. It's a phrase that has so much meaning and value behind it. In my case our home is where I raised three children and have spent 30 cherished years with my husband. Recently inspired, it has become my place of work.

It doesn't look like it did all those years ago when we bought it but it has always been special. A place to gather friends and family and share life's intimate experiences. For the longest time, our home needed some, okay, a lot, of retouching; we did not have enough to run the house, take care of the kids and add all the pieces to the home I always imagined. In the meantime, I collected cuttings, took pictures, and kept swatches of colors from paint shops and fabric stores, painting a real picture of my imagination. After the kids all went off to college, I finally redid our home the way we wanted. 

I received a lot of praise - and questions - on the timelessness of the decor and the unique pieces we managed to find. As a professional working with Indian textile makers, I was able to get custom made pieces for reasonable prices; but not everyone has the same access. This realization led to Eastern Pass. Eastern Pass, for me, is sharing that positive feeling that comes from finding something from far away for the most important place in the world - your home. I hope you like it.

Warm regards,